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Paradise Paulownia International S.A. is a registered Ecuadorian company, dedicated to reforesting Ecuador and developing commercial forestry projects that can help stop massive deforestation here. To this end, our company has introduced for the first time into Ecuador a non-invasive hybrid of the Paulownia tree with superior genetic characteristics.

Today Ecuador is the most deforested country in South America and our goal is to reverse this negative trend with the help of the incredible Paulownia. We work in strategic alliances with cooperative teams of expert producers, local landowners, farmers, entrepreneurs, and investors. For more information, please contact us.


We invite you to participate in the Paradise Paulownia International project in accordance with your interests:

  • As an investor you will play an important role in creating a more positive future for Ecuador, while also obtaining an excellent return on your investment.
  • As a contributor you will interact with deeply dedicated people doing inspiring work, people who will deeply appreciate and value you and your contributions to our shared Mission.
  • As a partner you will be an important part of a new wave of true progress and development to help transform Ecuador’s future. Together we can make Ecuador an inspiring leader to create a new and healthier world.

    For more information, please contact us.


Because the Paulownia is so economically profitable and serves so well in improving the environment and regenerating ecosystems and biodiversity, we are convinced that the Paulownia can play an important role in reducing and reversing the increasing instability of the climate that we are experiencing today.


Within five years, we will be a leading Ecuadorian company in reforestation and afforestation, with a production capacity of millions of certified trees that will be used in establishing Paulownia plantations adapted to different climatic regions of Ecuador.

In 10 years, we will have  given birth to a “family” of private and social enterprise companies that will have created

  • Ecotourism destinations where national and international tourists will come to know Ecuador and the beautiful Paulownia tree and its many wonderful benefits; and a variety of ways to industrialize the production of high quality
  • Products from wood grown in our Paulownia plantations. Our objecive here is to help Ecuador become a creator and seller of paulownia-related products nationally and internationally, rather than simply selling wood as a lower-value primary resource. For this, imagine an “Ecuadorian IKEA”….


  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Optimism
  • Trust
  • Dedication


Our goals go far beyond simply growing paulownia trees. We want to help support the protection of Ecuador’s remaining native forests and the regeneration and recovery of damaged ecosystems, including encouraging biodiversity, absorbing carbon dioxide and protecting watersheds. 

We also want to help local communities grow, harvest and use paulownia wood in creating agro-forestry products. This source of livelihood will improve the economic well-being of local communities and thus help reduce the pressure on these communities to continue cutting down local forests of slow-growing native trees.

Our company is based on collaboration and we welcome and appreciate the many different ways in which you may wish to participate with us in creating a bright future for Ecuador and the Earth. We are currently in conversations with many different people and organizations, exploring possible collaborations. If you feel drawn to join in this “Green adventure,” we invite you to contact us.


Paulownia is a beautiful hardwood tree that originated in Asia but is now grown in many countries around the world. The paulownia grows extraordinarily fast and has very high environmental, social and economic value. Paulownia wood, called “semi-precious” thanks to its excellent qualities, has very high demand all over the world.

In eight years, paulownia trees can grow up to 25 meters in height and exceed two feet in diameter. While the tree adapts well to many different climate conditions and is grown in areas ranging from sea level to 2,500 meters in altitude, the best yields for commercial wood production range from 100 – 1,700 meters above sea level.


During these uncertain times, we all seek security in our investments. We want to invest in things that offer the greatest promise of resilience, stability, growing consumer demand and good financial performance – and we all want low risk in our investments.

We believe Paulownia offers an excellent investment that meets these criteria.

In our company Paradise Paulownia International S.A., we have chosen to focus first on creating a robust genetic bank of a high-value, fast-growing Paulownia hybrid. 

As we move into our next phase of growing large Paulownia plantations in different parts of Ecuador, we will do this in collaboration with carefully selected Strategic Partners who appreciate Paulownia’s amazing investment and ecological potential.

Compared to other tree species, such as teak and oak that produce wood of similar quality, Paulownia is THE most profitable tree in the world, thanks to its far more rapid growth and maturation. Paulownia has been called “the tree that will save the planet,” in part due to its extraordinary ability to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen at a rate that is 10x greater than any other tree. 

Paulownia is also an excellent natural ally to improve local ecosystems thanks to its enormous leaves that release moisture into the low atmosphere producing local rains, as well as the tree’s deep roots that help control soil erosion. Paulownia also greatly improves soils around its trunk.

Finally, Paulownia wood is of such high quality, and used in so many ways, that within a decade or less, it will be able to replace the wood currently obtained from destroying native forests. By saving native forests, we are helping to protect one of the vital “lungs” of our Earth.

Thanks to our Team’s strong capabilities – technical, managerial, marketing and sales – and our exclusive five-year right to sell certified Paulownia trees and to grow large Paulownia plantations, Paradise Paulownia International S.A. is proud to offer an exceptionally attractive investment opportunity for those who wish to invest in a low-risk, high-performance business that offers not only an excellent economic return but also an excellent environmental and social return.

We have selected our non-invasive Paulownia hybrid for its following characteristics:

  1. Paulownia produces high-quality hardwood, comparable to teak and oak. 
  2. While teak takes 20-25 years to mature and oak takes 40-45 years, Paulownia can be harvested in just 8-10 years.
  3. During its 8-10 year growth and harvesting cycle, each Paulownia tree that is grown under well-managed conditions, produces an average of one cubic meter of wood with a gross value of $350 today (05/2020).
  4. With approximately 1,000 trees cultivated per hectare, in 8-10 years, a 10-hectare plantation will produce a net profit of about $2 million, shared by those participating in this specific project.
  5. Once each tree is harvested, a new tree grows even more vigorously from the same root, creating a new harvest in another 8-10 years.
  6. After the first harvest, thanks to Paulownia’s well-established deep root system, maintenance costs are much lower, and therefore profits are higher.
  7. This “growth-harvest-growth-harvest” cycle continues for at least seven generations, making Paulownia plantations an excellent “legacy investment” from both a financial and environmental perspective.

The global Paulownia wood market is growing rapidly and the price of wood is increasing as consumers compete to buy this beautiful and versatile wood, which is already a favorite and is in high demand in many countries around the world.

Paulownia wood has a lovely presentation and finish. It is extremely strong and lightweight, handles wood stains well and does not twist. It is knot-free and resistant to insects. These qualities make Paulownia wood very popular for the construction of high-quality furniture, houses, doors and windows. 

Paulownia wood is also a popular choice for the interiors of yachts and airplanes, musical instruments, all manner of handicrafts and more. Because of the wood’s high strength ratio and light weight, Paulownia is called “the aluminum of timbers.”

If you would like more information about the incredible Paulownia tree and the excellent investment opportunities offered by Paradise Paulownia International S.A., please contact us.


  1. Paradise Paulownia International S.A. is a registered Ecuadorian company, thus far with Ecuadorian, US and Canadian partners. We have extensive knowledge of the cultivation and marketing of Paulownia and related products, including carbon credits.
  2. Miguel Alvarez is a founding partner, general manager and technical expert of the company. A longtime agricultural engineer who spent five years in Colombia studying all phases of Paulownia production, Miguel is a leading Ecuadorian expert in clonal propagation and in-vitro cultivation of Paulownia as well as commercial crop management.
  3. Our Paulownia Mother Plant Project, for our gene bank, is the first of its kind in Ecuador, which will build a strong supply chain to grow more Paulownia plantations in Ecuador and, eventually, in other parts of South America. 
  4. Norie Huddle, a founding partner and president of the company, has been an executive coach and business consultant for four decades and has served on several boards of directors, of both non-profit and for-profit corporations. She is a highly regarded environmentalist, author, interviewer, public speaker and networker.
  5. Other members of our team include Sharie Fox, an investor in our genetic bank and our first Strategic Alliance Partner; Ken Kemper, investor and longtime videographer; Fabricio Guaman investor and sales & marketing expert. (Special thanks to Fabricio for his support in creating this website!)
  6. Thanks to the broader goals of our project, we’re connected with a powerful network of influencers and organizations involved in a wide range of global projects seeking to build a better world. We deeply appreciate our far-flung network of friends who are working in virtually every sector: you inspire us and empower us to accomplish amazing things! 
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